Watch ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Season 6 Episode 9 Tonight! What Will Jax Do When He Learns The Truth About Tara’s Lies? [VIDEO]

"Sons of Anarchy"
Will Jax learn the truth about Tara tonight? Facebook/Sons Of Anarchy

"Sons of Anarchy" is about to premiere its ninth episode of season six and there are a lot of secrets to be exposed. Episode nine is titled "John 8:23" a famous verse from the King James Bible, John 8:23 says "Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free." Does this mean Jax will find out what Tara has been up to? There are always secrets to be revealed on "Sons of Anarchy" but Tara is hiding the biggest of them all.

Tara was never pregnant, she faked her pregnancy and her miscarriage as part of her plan to get her boys away from Gemma and Jax and out of Charming. For Tara Gemma was more difficult to remove from her sons' lives than Jax. Tara is planning to divorce Jax and gain sole custody of her boys enabling her to take them out of Charming. If Tara has to go back to jail for her part in the death of a nurse last season she is going to hand guardianship of her boys over to Wendy so she can get them out of town and away from SAMCRO.

After Tara blames her "miscarriage" on Gemma, Jax becomes furious and tells his mother he will never see her grandchildren again. Tara then convinces Jax to sign a restraining order against Gemma and terminates any rights Gemma may have over the boys as their grandmother. In the promo for tonight's episode we see that Tara's lies may be coming back to bite her. Tara's lawyer reminds the good doctor that using false medical records is a felony. The DA is already going after Tara for murder and would probably love to tack on a felony charge.

The DA is looking to nail the Sons for the school shooting at the beginning of the season. The little boy who shot up his school used a gun the Sons sold to Nero's crew. The DA is out for blood and is looking to destroy SAMCRO in any way she can. The prosecutor already tried to get Clay and Tara to turn on the club then she set her sights on Nero, all of whom refused to rat on the Sons. Tonight we will see Jax sitting across from the DA, but the purpose of his visit is unknown.

District Attorney Patterson tells Jax she is surprised to see him sitting across from her. "No more surprised than I am," Jax tells the DA. There are a number of different theories as to why Jax is meeting with the DA. He could have been arrested, he could be looking to make some kind of deal, he could be making threats, he may just want to talk and figure out what kind of enemy he is dealing with or (now this one is a little farfetched) Jax could be turning Tara in.

Yes that last one sounds a little crazy, but we have seen the ruthless side of Jax in the past. If Jax were to find out what Tara is up to his world would collapse. Jax loves Tara and would likely never kill her but that doesn't mean he won't try and hurt her by keeping her away from her children. After all Jax once loved and was married to Wendy, the woman he threw against a wall and pumped full of drugs. Jax's actions against Wendy were done in the name of protecting his family.

If Jax learns the truth about Tara there is no telling what he might do. "Sons of Anarchy" will air tonight at 10pm ET on FX. Other spoilers from tonight's episode include Clay being stabbed and Gemma going after Tara's boss for helping Tara fake the pregnancy. Tensions and emotions are running high this season on "Sons of Anarchy." With only four episodes left until the finale there is no telling what will happen next.

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