@Hispanictiktok Tik Tok

The Hispanic side of Tik Tok is gaining popularity, thanks to an account dedicated specifically for Hispanics.

@Hispanictiktok created their account less than a month and it already gained the attention of many multi-cultures, bringing everyone together to enjoy small clips of the Mexican culture.

The account now stands at 69.3k followers with 3.5 million likes.

A recent viral video targeting Hispanic women empowerment now stands at 12.2k views.

"We come here [America] to work, not to do bad things."

"Tribute to all Hispanic Women working in the USA! Working hard with the best attitude"

This video sparked comments by many users.

Tik Tok user @mikekibler2 comments
Tik Tok user @mikekibler2 comments Tik Tok
@Johny Ping Tik Tok user comments
@Johny Ping Tik Tok user comments Tik Tok

According to a recent median pay analysis from the National Women's Law Center, Latinas were compensated just 54% of what non-Hispanic white men were paid in 2021. That means it takes Latina workers almost an entire extra year of full-time, year-round work to be paid the average annual earnings of white men.

Latinas are also paid less than white and Asian women are, even when they have the same educational credentials.

Latinas' earnings ratio compared to white men changed only 4% between 1988 and 2019.

For Latinas, unemployment rose from 4.8% to 12.5% between the third quarter of 2019 to the third quarter of 2020.

At this rate, Latinas won't achieve equal pay until the year of 2197, according to a report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Hispanic women are hard-working people, and they deserve the chance of equal pay.

What is the difference? Is it that they are women? Is it that they are Hispanic? Or is it that they are Hispanic women?

Hispanic women need equal pay.

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