British weddings could be one of the most extraordinary events that a royal or a person marrying into the royal family could experience in his or her lifetime as it is a celebration of love in the most lavish way. Royal weddings bring a piece of history into the modern world through their heavily laden protocols and traditions. Below are the top wedding traditions all royal family members and guests should follow:

  1. The soon-to-be royal groom and bride should ask permission from the Queen. The Queen will give her approval through a written permission. A royal couple could marry without permission, but they will be stripped off their titles.
  2. Royal engagements last only a few months. A royal wedding should follow soon.
  3. As the head of Church of England, the Queen orders when royal wedding invitations should be formally sent.
  4. As a sign of respect and gratitude, guests should attend the wedding with a gift. A donation to the royal couple’s favored organization will be more appreciated.
  5. The soon-to-be bride and groom can celebrate their stag and hen parties during the weekend.
  6. Royal and important guests should arrive an hour before the official wedding time.
  7. The bride arrives in either a horse-drawn carriage, just like Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana, or in a fancy car ride, which was started by Kate Middleton.
  8. In terms of wedding gowns, the bride should wear a white gown with sleeves and a conservative neckline. Do not forget the tiara too.
  9. The royals seat at the right side of the church. If the groom is not royalty, the royal family seats at the left side.
  10. The groom, on the other hand, should be in military uniform.
  11. The wedding party is composed of children, ideally from ages 10 to 12 years.
  12. A royal wedding reception is to have a multitiered fruitcake.
  13. Instead of tossing the bridal bouquet to the single ladies, a royal bride should leave her bouquet at the grave of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey to honor those in the military service.
  14. Guests are expected to celebrate with the royal couple all throughout the day and maybe night. 
  15. A slice of the royal wedding cake is mailed to the guests as a wedding favor.

Royal Weddings A combination of pictures created in London on May 19, 2018, shows Britain's Prince Charles kissing his bride Diana, Princess of Wales (L), during their wedding. BEN STANSALL, LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images