Mother's Day
Mother's Day in the United States will be celebrated on Sunday, May 10. Shutterstock/ Melpomene

A holiday that celebrates mothers and the influence they have each day on those closest to them, Mother’s Day serves as an important date around the globe on an annual basis. While this holiday is viewed as one of the most special on the calendar, Mother’s Day didn’t become a yearly practice in the United States until the early 20th century, even though there have been many dates throughout the course of history set aside for various celebrations of motherhood. With such an important holiday comes various traditions many follow and while each family partakes in their own unique customs, the most important aspect of this date is remembering all that mothers do for those in their lives.

Though it is not a federal holiday, Mother’s Day is still treated as a significant date on the calendar. Many folks send cards and/or gifts to their mother’s or motherly figures while others take trips to visit their family member -- if they no longer share a home. Popular gifts that mother’s typically receive on their holiday include flowers, chocolates, various candies, jewelry and more to help signify the love and admiration they garner from others. Along with showering their mother with gifts, many families plan special dinners and trips with family members in order to further celebrate the special day.

Celebrated around the world, Mother’s Day has become a fixture outside of the United States as well, with countries like Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Canada, Norway, Ireland (where it is known as Mothering Sunday) and others practicing this unique date. Various symbols such as white carnations add to the magnitude of this time, further solidifying Mother’s Day as one of extreme importance even though it is not honored as a federal holiday. While the 2015 date has already passed in many countries, here’s a look at when Mother’s Day will fall in the United States, Mexico, Spain and more!

March 15, 2015

Ireland, United Kingdom, Nigeria

May 3, 2015

Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Lithuania

May 8, 2015

South Korea (known as Parent’s Day)

May 10, 2015

United States, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, China, Bahamas, Cuba, Germany, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Belize

Mother's Day 2014 USA
Mother's Day is a time to recognize the most important person in your life and the giving of flowers is a great way to show appreciation. Shutterstock/Christian Jung

May 15, 2015


May 30, 2015


May 31, 2015

Dominican Republic, Haiti, Morocco, Sweden, Algeria

August 15, 2015

Costa Rica

October 18, 2015


December 8, 2015


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