When she was still alive, Princess Diana always attended events matching her outfit with precious pieces of jewelry. After she died, many of her followers wondered where her possessions — including her jewelry collection — went.

Princess Diana’s jewelry did not go to a single person after her death. These pieces of precious gems came as inheritance to different members of the royal family, and royal followers still get to spot many of them during royal outings today.

In recent royal events, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were photographed wearing some of Princess Diana’s jewelry. The aquamarine ring that the Princess of Wales wore on her wedding day was inherited by Meghan, while her sapphire engagement ring was inherited by Kate.

As Princess Diana had wished, many of her jewelry pieces went to her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. In a special letter she wrote before she died, she expressed her wish for some of her jewelry to be allocated to his sons so their future wives could use them.

“I would like you to allocate all my jewellery to the share to be held by my sons, so that their wives may, in due course, have it or use it,” she wrote. “I leave the exact division of the jewellery to your discretion,” she added.

When Prince Harry married Meghan, he gifted Princess Diana’s aquamarine ring to her as a wedding present. The engagement ring she gave Meghan also included two of Princess Diana’s precious diamonds.

Meanwhile, Kate now owns the sapphire earrings of Princess Diana, which were part of her Saudi suite. This suite was a wedding gift to the Princess of Wales from Crown Prince Fahd.

Not all the pieces of jewelry worn by Princess Diana when she was still alive were hers. Some of them were loaned from Queen Elizabeth, like the royal tiaras. After Princess Diana’s death, all these tiaras went back to Queen Elizabeth’s estate so that other members of the family could loan them.

One of those tiaras, the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara, was Princess Diana’s favorite. Queen Elizabeth asked her to wear it on her wedding day, but she wore her family’s Spencer tiara instead. While she did not don it on her wedding day, she wore the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara several times after her wedding when she attended royal events.

Princess Diana Princess Diana Memorabilia - The Princess Looks Radiant In Her Formal Wedding Portrait, July 1981. Joe Haupt/Flickr