When Prince William succeeds Prince Charles as king, Kate Middleton automatically becomes the queen consort. When that happens, the Duchess of Cambridge and the whole of Britain will have to deal with major changes.

As soon as Kate is crowned as the new queen, she will bow to Prince William, who by then is already the king. There have been rumors that when Prince William reigns as king, the Commonwealth will be dissolved and more people will question and challenge the existence of the monarchy.

If the monarchy continues, then Kate will be obligated to perform her royal duties as the queen consort. Her duties may take away much of her time for her children as she accompanies her husband in most royal occasions. By the time she becomes queen, Kate will also be more popular for being a fashion icon. Currently, she is already one of the most popular go-to personalities for fashion inspiration, with many comparing her to Princess Diana because of her style.

Kate once admitted that Prince William was not really completely willing to be king and that he’d only take the throne because it’s his duty when his time comes. There are speculations that Kate is not happy to be queen either, but she is grateful to have her husband there to help her.

“It’s quite a daunting prospect,” she once said. “Hopefully, I’ll take it in my stride. William’s a great teacher, he’ll be able to help me along the way, and I really look forward to that,” he added.

Royal experts also believe that Kate will start renouncing some of her favorite designers when she becomes queen as she starts wearing traditional clothes. Even renowned designer David Reiss once predicted that the Duchess of Cambridge might give up her love for brands like Reiss, Zara, Gap and Topshop when she becomes the new queen.

Just like Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton will also have the power to refuse media interviews as the queen. She may face the media, but she can freely turn down one-on-one press conferences to protect her privacy. She and her family will live at Buckingham Palace and will be entitled to the grand estate, which hosts at least 775 rooms.

Kate Middleton Royal Wedding of William and Kate +38. Comrade King/Flickr