Robin Van Persie, it could be argued is one of the best players on the entire planet. Throughout his career, from Feyenoord to Arsenal to Manchester United, Van Persie has scored some of the prettiest goals you and I will ever see. He personifies the meaning of the word “class” and is a true joy to watch whenever he steps onto the pitch.

For one month every four years, we get the opportunity to see players like RVP display their skill while they have the honor of representing their country. When the Dutch took the field for the first time in this year’s tournament against Spain, Van Persie did exactly what everyone was expecting him to do, score goals. After only two games, he already had three goals (2 against Spain, 1 against Australia). It was the kind of stat line that one would expect from a player of Van Persie’s caliber.

Since that game though, the Manchester United midfielder has scored 0 goals. Mind you, he has only played in two more games, but it is not the lack of goals that should have Dutch fans worried. In the two matches that he has played since then, he has been completely absent. In the game against Mexico, he received a player rating of 5, the seventh lowest out of any Dutch starter. In the following contest against Costa Rica, he received a 5 again, this time it was the tenth lowest P.R. out of any Dutch starter.

Luckily enough for the “Oranje” and their fans, they have a strong enough roster to be able to make up for the sub par performances of their star striker. But if the Dutch want to have a shot at lifting the trophy at the Maracana on July 13th, Van Persie is going to need to play to the ability that we know he can play at. Rumors have hinted lately that Van Persie has been battling a stomach bug this week and was unable to practice. He is doubtful to play in the match vs. Argentina on Tuesday, but as the captain and the most important game for Netherlands thus far, I still expect him on the pitch despite reports. 

There is no doubt that RVP could potentially be the best striker on the whole planet. But performances as bad as the latter two should be of concern to some. It by no means, should signify the fact the Robin Van Persie has lost his skill to the ever creeping stigma of old age. He has been too good for too long to suddenly drop off the face of the soccer world. In full confidence I state that Van Persie will continue to amaze in the years to come. But for Dutch fans all around the world, let’s hope that the magic that he can display comes out in full view on Wednesday, as he will need to be at the top of his game to rival Leo Messi and Argentina