Edward VIII served as the King of the United Kingdom from Jan. 20, 1936, until Dec. 11, 1936. He abdicated the throne after the Church of England, the British government and the public condemned his decision to wed American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

Following his abdication, Edward VIII’s younger brother, George VI, became the head of the United Kingdom. And after his death, his eldest daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, became the reigning monarch on Feb. 6, 1952.

At the time of King George VI’s death, his older brother was still alive. Edward VIII passed away on May 28, 1972, which meant that the Queen had already been serving the British people for 20 years.

Royal fans are wondering what would have happened if Edward VIII decided to take back the crown from the Queen. Political activist David Reardon said that this wouldn’t have happened because after Edward VIII abdicated, he no longer had any right to take on the crown. The order of succession has also changed because Her Majesty’s eldest son, Prince Charles, was automatically named as her successor.

Allan Lanktree, a graduate of Everest College, claimed that Edward VIII actually tried to get the crown back in 1940 but was not allowed to do so. As a result, he was exiled to Bermuda. And in 1952, the crown wouldn’t still be offered to him because he had already abdicated several years earlier.

“Princess Elizabeth was adored by the public and Edward, partly for his caving to the Nazis, was despised,” Lanktree said. “If offered, he would have been a fool to accept it. When dealing with an unpopular monarch, regicide is always an option,” he added.

Jules Gillespie, an avionics techie, is convinced that Edward VIII would never be offered the crown after he abdicated in 1936. King George VI had also done a good job as king, so there is no reason for anyone to want Edward VIII to take over the throne.

Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth II visits Hauser & Wirth on March 28, 2019, in Bruton, Somerset, England. Toby Melville - WPA Pool/Getty Images