Madonna has been in the industry for decades, but it seems she’s different in public and in private. Some people close to her have opened up about what the singer is really like in person.

People She Worked With

Brad Jeffries, the director, and choreographer of Madonna’s Virgin tour said that the Madonna he knew and worked with were very different from Madonna today. According to Jeffries, Madonna invited him out to dinner and asked him personally if he wanted to choreograph and direct her first American tour, and he said yes.

“She was one of the most magnetic women I have ever met,” he said. “She somehow demanded that everyone look at her when she walked in a room. She had the ability to seduce everyone, period. Men, women, straight, gay, it didn’t matter. She had that rare IT quality that made a star,” he added.

Madonna was very dedicated to her craft. In fact, one of her dancers, Carlton Wilborn, said that working for the award-winning artist was like joining a boot camp. Wilborn was just 26 years old when Madonna held an open call audition for her Blond Ambition tour.

“Madonna was great to work with,” he told The Guardian. “I was having this conversation with someone the other day — they were saying, ‘I bet it was crazy when she was being really intense in the rehearsals, making people feel bad.’ But that’s not what she does, at all. She has one personality that she knows makes her money — a bit brash and snappy and in your face — and then she has who she really is: just a chill, regular person,” he added.

A Love From The Past

But before Madonna rose to fame, she was described as someone who is a little bit aloof. Several years ago, one of Madonna’s former boyfriends described the singer as someone who didn’t have an overly charismatic personality. This is why it came as a surprise to him when she became a world-famous pop star.

“She took herself more seriously than most of us did at that age,” Wyn Cooper told The Independent. “She was a cheerleader, so that put her in the jock category, but she was also a free spirit and a thinker, so that made her more of a freak,” he added.

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