The British Royal Family takes succession planning very seriously. In fact, there is already a plan in place known as “London Bridge Is Down,” which will govern the monarchy’s series of actions should Queen Elizabeth II die. But there is also a separate protocol already in place when the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, passes away.

Notifying The Public

Traditionally, the first media outlet that will know of any death within the royal family is BBC. But that might no longer be the case these days as Buckingham Palace will announce the death to the Press Association. If the prince dies in his sleep, the public will likely know it by 8 a.m. the following day.

Mourning Period

Upon Prince Philip’s death, a national period of mourning will be declared in the United Kingdom. This will last until his funeral.

During this mourning period, flags will be lowered at half-mast. The only exception to this is the Royal Standard flag because it represents the monarchy.

The Queen will not conduct any affairs of state. In addition, Her Majesty, royal family members, as well as their representatives, will wear dark-colored clothing and mourning bands.

The Funeral

As the Queen’s consort, Prince Philip will be entitled to a full state funeral. However, the prince already insisted that he does not want the fuss of lying in state at Westminster Hall. It is highly likely that his body will lie at St. George’s Chapel and will be buried at Frogmore Gardens.

However, his body won’t be available for public viewing. In respect for his wishes, the funeral will only be attended by family, friends and heads of state from the Commonwealth countries.

After The Funeral

After the interment, the Queen is expected to resume her royal duties. But there is also another possibility. When Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband died in 1861, the Queen remained in seclusion for years.

However, Prince Philip’s death won’t have any effect on the line of succession since he is not in line for the throne. Thus, Prince Charles is still next in line, followed by Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis and Prince Harry.

Prince Philip Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (C), in his role as Captain General, Royal Marines, makes his final individual public engagement as he attends a parade to mark the finale of the 1664 Global Challenge. Hannah McKay - WPA Pool/Getty Images