When Prince Charles takes over the throne, many things will change. Those changes will include the royal titles of the members of the royal family. As Prince Charles ascends the throne and Prince William becomes the heir, both of them will receive a royal title upgrade. Interestingly, Prince Harry will not.

It may still take years before Queen Elizabeth dies and Prince Charles assumes his mother’s role, but a lot has already changed in preparation for his reign. The Queen has reportedly slowed down on her royal duties in the last couple of years and has passed on many of her responsibilities to Prince Charles as she prepares him for kingship.

When Prince Charles ascends the throne, not only will his royal responsibilities change but his title also. This also means the same for his son, Prince William, who will be the Prince of Wales once he fills the shoes of his father. However, it will not be the same for Prince Harry.

Upon the ascension of Prince Charles, all immediate members of the royal family will experience a change in their royal titles except for Prince Harry. Since the Duke of Sussex will be the only member of the royal family to not receive a new title when Prince Charles becomes king, he will hold his current title for a long time — for the rest of his life even.

The title Prince of Wales belongs to the eldest son of the monarch who is the heir to the throne. Currently, it is Prince Charles who holds that title. When Prince Charles becomes king, his title will become His Majesty the King, leaving the Prince of Wales title to Prince William, his eldest son and the new heir to the throne. Since this title can only be granted to the eldest son of the monarch, only Prince William will be entitled to this royal title. He will earn this title shortly after Prince Charles’ ascension to the throne. He will also become the Duke of Cornwall.

Prince Harry, on the other hand, will not be affected by the reign of his father. Unless Prince Charles gives him a new dukedom when he becomes king, Prince Harry will most likely remain the Duke of Sussex for the rest of his life.

Prince Charles and Prince Harry Jubilee. Aurelien Guichard/Flickr