Rihanna has not been the luckiest in love. But, that doesn’t deter tabloid from churning out dubious reports of her secret marriage to beau Hassan Jameel (Who she split from Hassan Jameel in Jan.). The "National Enquirer", last summer, claimed the singer to have etched serious plans with Jameel.

The tabloid’s report dropped intimate details about her “plans”—including the mention of a secret engagement with Jameel, and even being pregnant. The report makes a mention of something that Rihanna said in the “Interview magazine” and throws it into the story, to pad up the report.

However, the random mention of it makes the narrative questionable. In the interview, Paulson is seen quizzing Rihanna about her take on marriage. To which, Rihanna quips and states, “Only God knows that, girl. We plan and God laughs.” This part, however, is conveniently overlooked by the tabloid. For, the focus is only on how she makes a sweeping statement on how she was a “baby more than anything in life.”

Just for the record, Rihanna had broken up with Hassan Jameel in January, and their split was made public. So, all the speculations about her walking down the aisle and making babies with him are purely bogus. What also needs to be noted is that, while RiRi has time and again made a mention about how she’d love to become a parent someday, the singer believes it’s important for a child to be happy and she doesn’t need a man to become a mother.

She reiterated the same in a recent interview with “British Vogue”. “I’ll have kids — three or four of ’em,” she said. “They [society] diminish you as a mother if there’s not a dad in your kids’ lives. But the only thing that matters is happiness, that’s the only healthy relationship between a parent and a child. That’s the only thing that can raise a child truly, is love.” RiRi clearly knows what she wants, and she’s certainly not desperate to tie the know and make things happen with Jameel or anyone for that matter.

While the publication’s report presents a ridiculous narrative about the singer’s life, this isn’t a first. Rihanna and Jameel’s love life has been constantly written about ever since they began dating in the year 2017. But, now that they’ve parted ways, there’s not an iota of truth in any of the rumors.  

Rihanna Rihanna looking perfect in Elle's October issue. Photo: ELLE