Meghan Markle has allegedly ruffled some royal feathers ever since she married into the British royal family. As a result, some princesses and duchesses apparently aren’t her biggest fans. Take a look at some of them, and see if there’s truth to the rumors.

With Duchess Of Cambridge Kate Middleton

The Scoop:

For the longest time, rumors have been flying around about the alleged rift between the two duchesses. The rumor that launched the still ongoing stream of Meghan vs. Kate gossips came out just weeks before the royal wedding in May of last year.

Kate was seen leaving in tears after a reported debate that took place during the dress fitting of her daughter, Princess Charlotte, for Meghan and Prince Harry’s big day. Rumor has it that Meghan was responsible for the mom-of-four’s tears.

The talks about this feud only reignited in November last year after Prince Harry and Meghan decided they were moving to Frogmore Cottage, far from Kate and Prince William. Then came the rumors that Kate felt like she was “used” by Meghan to climb the royal ladder. It only ramped up following Kate’s no-show at Meghan’s baby shower in New York and the latter skipping her sister-in-law’s birthday.

The Reality:

To date, there hasn’t really been any convincing evidence that the two commoners turned royalty are in bad terms. There’s no way of knowing for sure what the real reason is that Kate was in tears at that time, although it was suggested that Kate may have just been emotional after having given birth to Prince Louis.

After being bombarded by rumors about their feud, the two finally appeared together in a royal engagement for the first time since the holidays. Both Kate and Meghan were at the lunchtime champagne function marking the 50th anniversary of Prince Charles' investiture. They were with their respective husbands and the Queen. The duchesses were even seen laughing together during the event, and people seem to agree that this was a genuine interaction as opposed to an elaborate staged fun moment.

With Duchess Of Cornwall Camilla

The Scoop:

This one is deemed worse than former “Suits” star’s alleged feud with Kate. After Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding, Camilla addressed reporters saying she is happy that the event was “uplifting rather than depressing,” which was interpreted as a shade to her daughter-in-law.

Royal followers will remember the presence of a lot of controversies surrounding Meghan’s side of the family leading up to the wedding. But Prince Charles was more than happy to walk her down the aisle after her father had a medical emergency.

The Duchess of Cornwall is reportedly giving Meghan the cold shoulder. Camila isn’t holding anything back, giving her daughter-in-law some harsh talking-to. She apparently told her to be true to herself. “This is real life and you’re not an actress playing a role,” she said. The Duchess of Sussex is reportedly doing everything she could to win Camilla over, and her husband and the Queen are both on her side.

The Reality:

Despite the supposed feud, Meghan and Camilla have shared some great moments together. They were seen giggling at Prince Charles’ 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration last year when a bumblebee flew into Prince Harry’s face during his speech.

In fact, it even looked like Camilla was trying to tell Meghan very subtly about it so as not to take attention away from the prince before he himself decided to acknowledge what was going on. At the party, Meghan and Camilla were actually seen holding hands.

With Princess Eugenie

The Scoop:

Eugenie is reportedly upset with Meghan for overshadowing her not once but thrice. She was engaged before they did but was told to wait until Prince Harry and Meghan’s engagement was announced.

The princess also apparently had to delay her wedding with Jack Brooksbank to give way to her cousin’s wedding. Perhaps the last straw was that the couple hijacked her wedding with a pregnancy announcement. Eugenie also reportedly asked the prince's ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas (who actually was there), to come to the wedding, which she did, in an effort to start a feud.

The Reality:

Eugenie is very close to Harry and Meghan. In fact, the princess is a confidante of the prince. They have long shared interest in exploring the London nightlife, and they continued to hit the latest hangouts in the area even after their respective weddings.

Eugenie gave her stamp of approval to Meghan, who she reportedly thinks is the perfect girl for him. If anyone would know that, it’s probably her because she knew about them even before their relationship was made official.

At one point, she and her now-husband Jack traveled to Canada, where Meghan lived while filming “Suits,” just to join her and Harry for a Halloween party. What followed was a series of double dates.

While Eugenie’s mother wasn’t happy about the pregnancy announcement on her daughter’s wedding day, the princess seemed to have taken it in stride, even liking a photo from a Meghan Markle fan account after the baby news.

With Princess Beatrice

The Scoop:

This feud is a fresh one. Like Kate, Beatrice was also nowhere to be seen during Meghan's star-studded baby shower in New York. This time, however, it is reportedly because the mom-to-be didn't want her there. The princess is also apparently already annoyed that Meghan is getting the greater attention and engagements.

The Reality:

Harry is also very close to Beatrice. She used to join his and Eugenie’s dynamic duo to hit parties. Royal followers haven’t been treated with a lot of Meghan and Beatrice together. But like her younger sister, the princess was a VIP at the wedding.

While there is no clear explanation as to why Beatrice wasn’t at the baby shower, the event was actually meant to be for Meghan and her closest friends.