There is more about Meghan Markle than her family drama or her fashion statement that makes her a hot topic on social media. Since becoming a part of the British royal family, there have been rumors that there might be some tension between her and her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, behind the scenes.

When Meghan didn’t choose Kate as her bridesmaid, many thought it was because she didn’t want her in her wedding. It turned out, however, that it was just about a royal tradition in which a royal bride can’t have a woman in her late 30s as a maid or matron of honor.

Despite the two being spotted several times attending royal events together, suspicions about their difficult relationship continue, and it looks like the rumors are not going to stop anytime soon. But is there really a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to their real relationship? Here are five truths about Meghan and Kate’s relationship.

1. They have secret get-togethers

Prince Harry and Meghan are neighbors with Prince William and Kate, so it’s easy for them to plan secret get-togethers. In a previous interview, Meghan revealed that Prince William and Kate had been very welcoming to her. She also described Kate as “wonderful.”

2. Meghan was invited to Kate’s sister Pippa’s wedding

Although Meghan was not yet officially part of the royal family at that time, she was there for Kate’s sister and best friend, Pippa, when she got hitched. In fact, the wedding was a perfect opportunity for Meghan and the Middleton sisters to bond.

3. Meghan and Kate celebrated Christmas together even before Meghan became a royal

In 2017, Meghan and Kate spent the Christmas season together for the first time, and it turned out great. Together, the two ladies and their partners attended the church service and had lunch to celebrate Christmas. It was during the holidays that the two reportedly got to know each other really well.

4. Kate has been helping her adjust to royal life

Although Meghan is used to being in the spotlight as an actress, Kate understands that being a royal is a whole new level of fame. According to reports, Kate has offered Meghan her support from the start, giving her pieces of advice to help her get used to the overwhelming attention that comes with being a duchess.

5. They are both interested in fashion and charity

Reports have it that one of the things that initially made Meghan and Kate click is their love for fashion and charity. People close to them also claim that they also share a very similar sense of humor, making it easy for them to get along well with each other.