The fans have been eagerly waiting for the “Call of Duty Mobile Zombies” mode after the successful Halloween event last month. The game is already a commercial success, but the developers will have to come up with new content in order to keep the players happy.

The “Call of Duty Mobile Halloween” update came with a set of new features and design aesthetics that made the spooky season fun for players. This was the first major promo event for the game that offered players a Halloween version of the Standoff map.

The Standoff map is available in the Domination, Team Death Match, and Search & Destroy. It has a night setting and decorations of pumpkin lanterns spread across the map.

Among the new features in the game was the “Sparrow” operator skill that can be unlocked now. There is also the “Sniper Only Mode” and “Sniper Only Challenge.”

The producers have been offering new features each week, and Activision confirmed on Reddit that they have plans for new weapons, skills, rewards, and characters for new content.

While the fans eagerly wait for “Call of Duty Mobile Zombies” mode, there have been reports of cheaters in the game. Several players have been reported in-game and the developers have also confirmed that they care about the issue deeply, and they have been closely monitoring the complaints they have received.

The game had over a 100 million downloads within the first week of the launch, Daily Star reported. While the fans are enjoying the new content, there have also been complaints about controller support.

There is no word yet about when “Call of Duty Mobile Zombies” will be released. This is the most popular mode, and Activision is expected to release it soon. It was also confirmed during the development process that the mode will be released.

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