When Does Summer 2016 Begin? 6 Ideas To Get Your House Ready For Hottest Season

Summer House
Prep your home for all the summertime gatherings you’ll be hosting this season with these quick painting tips and ideas. Courtesy Photo

Memorial Day is almost here, which means that summer is on its way! This year, the summer begins with the solstice on June 20 at 6:34 a.m. EST exactly. And while there are many ways to get season ready, summertime is the perfect time to prep your home for all the gatherings you will be hosting this season. That does not mean it has to be anything difficult – you would be surprised how a few small changes around your home can make a big difference!

Here are some great painting tips and ideas from Purdy, the maker of the best paint brushes on the market, and HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams, a leading paint brand, to help your home get summer-ready so you can spend more time with your friends and family.

Create a fun space this summer with paint: Painting an entire room or giving it accents of color can completely transform a space. It adds personality and makes it more inviting, especially during summertime. Here are some painting tips and tricks to give your home a splash of color this summer:

  1. Before starting your project, find a bright color that compliments the other rooms in the house: When looking for the right summer paint color, think about hues that will go well with the others in your home. Because it’s summer, think bright and lively colors like: sunny yellow, a bright blue, or orange. Consider HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams, which helps you select the right colors with their 16 Color Collections that are organized around the concept of room-to-room harmony – each of the colors within a collection work beautifully together, so you can’t go wrong.
  2. If you are not ready for a big change, spruce up your home by giving it a few accents: If you are not ready to commit to a bigger project, one of the best ways to give any room a touch of color is by painting something smaller like a door, a door frame, or the baseboards of a room. Consider painting them with a sunny yellow or a bright blue that reminds you of the ocean. Remember that you can keep the color year-round or repaint it in the fall.
  3. Use a brush to help create precise lines: The Purdy Clearcut brush is designed to create well defined lines – perfect if you’re painting something smaller like a door frame or baseboards. This will also make rolling easier!
  4. Make any room brighter by painting an accent wall: You can also paint a single accent wall to refresh your décor for summer. Pick a bright, summer color that works with your current color scheme to make the project quick and easy.
  5. Use a roller to get the job done faster without losing quality: The Purdy White Dove roller cover can be used with all paints, especially where a smooth, lint free finish is desired. However, more textured walls will need a higher nap so make sure to pick the best one for your wall. To find the best roller cover for your project, go here.
  6. When you are done, save money by properly caring for and storing your painting tools: It is important to properly take care of your brushes and rollers. Once you have finished panting, be sure to rinse both brushes and rollers immediately and then wrap in plastic wrap.
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