Every online betting operator that focuses on sports and wants to succeed in Bulgaria offers excellent services. Although this is not the biggest country in Europe, people there have access to numerous world-class bookmakers. Some are registered and only operate in the country, whereas others are famous international betting companies. Both types of sites are popular, but it seems like one of the most prestigious sports betting brands in the country is an operator that is also accessible in many other places.

While it is true that many online bookmakers have their advantages, usually, Bet365 is in a league of its own. As one of the most experienced bookies globally, this company sets the trends in online betting. Therefore, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise the operator is among the best in Bulgaria and many other countries.

Since some punters haven’t used this brand’s services yet, let’s go over some of the things that they can find while using one of the industry leaders.

The same selection of available sports

One of the first and most important things people check when choosing an online bookmaker is the sports betting section. Those who visit Nostrabet to learn more info for Bet365 Bulgaria will see why this company is the leader in this industry. Unlike others that only focus on a few sports, Bet365 is home to numerous options. Punters can access almost every sport in existence, and they even have the chance to avail themselves of special markets.

The list of sports that Bet365 offers to its customers in Bulgaria and other countries is located on the left side of people’s screen. Initially, they can see some of the more popular alternatives. With that being said, the bookie will reveal everything it offers once punters scroll down.


Old-school online bettors who like sports prefer to use the regular sportsbook. However, Bet365 knows that many punters in Bulgaria and other places also like live betting. Therefore, it offers a stand-alone section called In-Play.

Even though it may not seem different from other live betting sections, the devil is in the detail. Bet365 offers its clients in Bulgaria and other countries the opportunity to wager on numerous sports. Unlike other places where clients can only find live events during the weekend, Bet365 offers a variety of live matches every day. Consequently, punters always have access to something new, regardless of when they log into their accounts.

Like any other live betting section, this one also gives people the chance to choose from new markets. What’s even more impressive is that the site offers live animations and even live streaming for some of the more popular matches. Those two features work well together and should help those who decide to punt on live events.

Bet365 is a place where punters can use several odds formats

One of the crucial things that every top-rated bookmaker should have is different odds formats. Although it might seem like one of the most experienced iGaming operators doesn’t fall into this category, people familiar with the Bet365 review from Nostrbet know that this isn’t the case.

The site’s version for Bulgaria and every other country allows local punters to choose from several odds formats. The option is located above the site’s footer, and it includes several alternatives. Most punters in Bulgaria and other European countries use Decimal because this is the most popular format. However, UK and gamblers from several other places prefer Fractional.

Bet365 is an international betting company accessible globally, which is why it also offers an American odds format. As its name suggests, the latter is mainly popular in the U.S.

Detailed Statistics

As mentioned earlier, Bet365 is a brand where people can wager on live events. They can also watch some of them in real-time and use Cash Out when they think they won’t be able to predict their bet successfully.

These three features are great, but they are also accessible on many other iGaming sites. Fortunately, Bet365 has an exclusive feature that is rare to find, and it’s called Statistics. This is one of the options that can make a difference when betting, which is why experienced punters use it all the time. Bet365’s statistics provide more information about football, horse racing, and several other sports. Besides checking the results of a given team/player, this feature will also give you access to other detailed stats.