It seems like Rihanna has a double, but she's not from Barbados. The girl who has impressed everybody on social media because of her resemblance to the "Work" singer is Ana Febriel Marte, a beautiful Dominican-Chilean model who's living a dream after being pointed out as the "Dominican version of Rihanna."

She is just 17 years old and recently participated in a beauty contest in a town near Santiago in Chile where she was crowned the most beautiful girl in the city.

According to the portal BioBioChile, the teenage is the only daughter of a Chilean economist and a Dominican woman who fell in love and started a life in the town of Buin, near the city.

As it usually happens with stunning models, a famous Chilean stylist who was impressed by her beauty and uniqueness, invited her to be part of the contest believing she would win.

Just like he predicted, she called the attention throughout the event and now that her resemblance to Rihanna has popped up she’s everywhere in Latin American media.

She does not mind being compared to Rihanna, in fact, she admits being a fan of her music and loves to dance and sing her hit song "Work."

"I listen to her a lot, the song I like the most is 'Work,' but I also love electronic music and Bachata," she said in an interview with "La Mañana," a TV show from Chile.

During the show, she confessed she suffered from racism as she was the only colored girl in school. She opened up about how bad she felt when people treated her as a stranger when she was a little girl.

"When I arrived to Chile, even though I was very young, I remember people asking my mother if they could touch me and there were even children who cried when they saw me because they thought I was burned," said the beauty.