Newly elected President of Chile Gabriel Boric
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Leftist coalition leader Gabriel Boric will be Chile’s youngest president after winning a presidential runoff election Sunday. The 35-year-old former student protest leader won against his right-wing opponent Jose Antonio Kast who conceded the election and congratulated Boric on his victory.

Outgoing Chilean President Sebastian Pinera also extended his congratulations to Boric as celebrations in the Chilean capital city of Santiago pressed on through the evening. Supporters were seen cheering and waving Boric’s picture on flags. Rainbow flags of LGBTQ groups were also visible in the crowds having backed the democratic leader in his socially inclusive policies.

According to Reuters, out of 99% of ballots that were counted, Boric led with 55.8% votes compared to his rival’s ballots that came up with 44.14%. Boric’s victory caps the revival for the country’s progressive left wing, which has been gaining strength in support in the past two years.

The former law student had earlier pledged to maintain an orderly economy and bury Chile’s neoliberal economic policies and market-oriented economic model. His firm stand on this had earlier rocked the country’s markets as well as mining firms after stating his push on higher taxes and tightening environmental regulations. Further down his campaign, Boric toned down his economic agenda in an effort to gain nods from more centrist voters.

In his victory speech, Boric promised to swiftly appoint a working cabinet within a month’s time as he assured the country he would look after the economy. "We have an enormous challenge. I know that in the coming years, the future of our country is at stake, so I guarantee that I will be a president who cares for democracy and does not risk it," he said.

Who is Gabriel Boric?

Gabriel Boric was born in Chile on Feb.11, 1986 in Punta Arenas and the son to parents Luis Javier Boric and Maria Soledad Font Aguilera. His father is of Croatian descent while his mother is of Catalan-Spanish heritage.

His accomplishments

Boric has been ranked in the elite list of famous celebrities in Chile. He was a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Chile and was part of the student movement Izquierda Autonoma and the director of Fundacion Nodo XXL. He is yet to earn a law degree.

Boric has been a member of the Chamber of Deputies representing District 60 of Punta Arenas. He became a famous politician and ran as an independent candidate in the 2013 parliamentarian elections. He was elected deputy for District 60 of the Region of Magallanes and the Chilean Antarctic.

He also earned a seat on the Permanent Commissions for Human Rights and Original Peoples, the Chilean Antarctic, and the Labor and Social Security.

Personal life

Records show that Gabriel Boric is possibly single. He has not been reported to have been engaged nor has been seen dating anyone.

Gabriel Boric’s net worth

Boric is known to be one of the most popular and richest politicians. He is also listed on Forbes & Business Insider with a net worth of $1.5million.

Newly elected President of Chile Gabriel Boric
Gabriel Boric president elect of Chile reacts before giving a speech to his supporters after the presidential runoff election on December 19, 2021 in Santiago, Chile. Photo by Marcelo Hernandez/Getty Images

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