Rumors about the possible relationship between Latin Singer Marc Anthony and 21-year-old model Mariana Downing are spreading everywhere, and people want to know everything about this new girl who has stolen Marc’s heart.

Mariana is a model from the Wilhelmina agency and she met Marc during a special dinner celebration. Sparks flew instantly. According to TMZ, sources confirmed the singer approached the model during that night and asked for her telephone number. Since then, they’ve been secretly rolling around.

Mariana is gorgeous, and during their recent trip to the Dominican Republic, she stole everybody’s attention during a private concert on the East side of the country. 

This is what you need to know about this beauty that, according to some people close to Marc, is driving the salsa interpreter completely crazy and we don’t blame him for that.

1- She’s Really Tall

According to her model profile, the beauty is 5’9, becoming Marc’s tallest girlfriend ever and also one of the most beautiful.

2- She Loves Dogs

Mariana’s first love is called Lulu, who the model also calls her "Little Petunia."

3- She's Wilhelmina's Most Beloved Model

We can’t deny how stunning she is. Her agency really loves this girl and she's really lucky to have a great contract like the one she has at the age of 21. 

4- Mariana Supports A Cause

She visited Haiti to lend a helping hand to those in need.

5- She Encourages Women To Be Happy

In her many Instagram photos, Mariana encourages women to be happy and stay positive in everything they do. 

6- She Plays The Ukulele

Mariana loves music and can actually play this instrument.

7- She’s Really Skinny

This girl is very skinny, with a 24" waist and 36" hips. But that doesn't mean she's unhealthy in any way. All bodies are beautiful as long as you take care of them.

Marc’s divorce from Shannon de Lima was finalized on Monday, February 13, and it's being reported that as a result of the conclusion of the process, the singer will have to pay his now ex-wife $10,000 monthly during the next three years. He also had to give her two of his apartments in Florida.

This data was revealed during the divorce hearing, where their lawyers represented both parties. According to the press, Marc was on the phone and had to answer some questions. At the end, the judge pronounced the divorce proclaiming that the union was hopelessly broken and that the pair had had "irreconcilable differences." 

What do you think about Marc’s new love?