Michelle Obama just gushed over her other man. The former first lady shared a photo of the man, who is evidently not her husband, Barack Obama, on social media.

Obama posed with Lin Manuel-Miranda, an American composer and singer after she presented him with an award. The former first lady dubbed Manuel-Miranda as a good friend after handing him the Portrait of a Nation Prize.

“So proud to present the Portrait of a Nation Prize to my good friend, @Lin_Manuel. Love this guy – with his melodies, rhymes, and nonstop energy, he’s painted as honest a portrait of our country as I’ve ever seen, lifting folks up through his work on stage and off,” she tweeted.

Shortly after, supporters of Michelle Obama urged her to run for the presidency in the upcoming elections. Another Obama supporter gushed over Manuel-Miranda’s recognition and said that he’s made it because he’s good friends with the former first lady.

Meanwhile, Obama and Manuel-Miranda’s recent engagement took place just days after it was reported that the former is having marital problems with her husband. Globe claimed that the Obamas have been having nasty fights, and they are growing more and more tired of their toxic marriage.

And in order to put an end to it all, the former first lady has reportedly consulted with her lawyers regarding her divorce proceedings.

“Michelle had divorce papers drawn up by her lawyers, and the word is Barack Obama has taken things a step further by serving Michelle with papers of his own,” an unnamed source said. “She was shocked, as you can imagine, but she’s conspiring with her lawyers to squeeze Barack for as much money as they can,” the insider added.

However, the rumor-debunking site, Gossip Cop, said that it is unlikely that the Obamas would divorce. Just recently, the couple celebrated their anniversary, and it was evident that their marriage is still going strong.

Michelle Obama Michelle Obama speaks during an election eve rally in Philadelphia for Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on November 7, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Getty Images