While a Latina heroine was not revealed, a high profile villain was discovered to be Latina....sort of. In this week's adjective less "X-Men," the new villain to the all-female cast was shown to be a new bearer of the Lady Deathstrike name.

Writer Brian Wood did reveal at New York Comic Con 2013 that this would be a new Lady Deathstrike, it seems that he wasn't exactly telling the truth. In the first page of the issue, it seems that Yuriko Oyama -- the original Lady Death strike -- has transplanted her consciousness into the body of Ana Cortes, a teenage Latin female who has returned to Bogota, Columbia from boarding school after the death of her father to inherit his kingdom.

Now the following will spoil "X-Men" #7, so if you don't want to know the new villain's origin turn back now. Ana is traveling with Reiko, who uploads Yuriko's consciousness into hers. The two femme fatales now have a symbiotic relationship -- think Venom without the black goop. The two head to the Jean Grey School to find Karima Shapandar and retrieve the Omega Sentinel technology. She is ultimately defeated thanks to Monet, but the villainous Latina regroups by hiring Typhoid Mary to help her cause.

As you can see from the cover of issue #7 above, Ana Cortes will take on a much different look from her predecessor. Her face taking on the appearance of a skull -- similar to how people paint their faces to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos. Lady Deathstrike's signature adamantium claws are still present and will continue to be the thorn in the X-Men's side.

So there's a new Latina in the comic book world. It may not be the heroine we were hoping for, but this is a great start. Taking up the mantle of a well-known Marvel villain is a big step and hopefully the creators can continue to flesh out the character to someone who will last beyond this arc. Be sure to catch Ana in the "Muertas" arc beginning in "X-Men" #7, available in stores and digitally now.