Who Will Replace María Elena Salinas At 'Noticiero Univision', 'Aquí y Ahora' Shows?

María Elena Salinas
María Elena Salinas anchored Univision News for more than 35 years. Getty Images

María Elena Salinas made a surprising announcement at the end of the "Noticiero Univision" newscast today, she said she was leaving the network after more than 35 years on-air. Social media is abuzz with the news and one of the main questions is, who will replace her? There are vet tv journalists that are at the Spanish-language network like Teresa RodríguezMaría Antonieta Collins, or they can promote Pamela Silva Conde from "Primer Impacto" or just hire someone completely new. Those are some big shoes to fill and it will not be an easy task to replace Salinas.

We got word from the network that they will be making an announcement about who will anchor next to Jorge Ramos on "Noticiero Univision" and who will co-anchor "Aquí y Ahora" with Teresa Rodríguez. This is what the network had to say: "In the coming months, Univision will announce plans for the new anchor who will join Jorge Ramos on its flagship newscast, which regularly reaches two million viewers, and plans for the co-host who will join Teresa Rodriguez on our weekly newsmagazine show 'Aquí y Ahora.'"

Randy Falco, President and Chief Executive Officer of Univision Communications Inc., said, “María Elena has become an iconic and trusted source of unfiltered news. She is a fearless storyteller who has relentlessly pursued the truth, no matter what the dangers may be. We celebrate her groundbreaking work, her passion and commitment to journalism. María Elena has had a lasting impact in our industry and on the Hispanic community, and we wish her all the best.”

Daniel Coronell, President of Univision News, said, “María Elena has been a great example of journalistic excellence and solidarity with the community. There has never been, nor will there ever be, another journalist like her at our Network. Her inspiring example will continue to guide the journalists of Univision News.”

“It’s time to change paths and start a new phase in my career,” María Elena Salinas told viewers. “I will dedicate myself to being an independent journalist, producer, among other things. I take with me an abundance of experience of more than three decades, having shared with a wonderful group of journalists of whom I’ve learned a lot from both personally and professionally, but above all the honor of having had the opportunity of getting to your homes every day trying to make sense of this complex world that we live in.”

Salinas made sure to clarify that she was not fired from the Spanish-language network and she is leaving to pursue other projects. “They have not fired me, I haven’t quit, I am not retiring, and I am not going somewhere else to do the same thing I’m doing here. Thank Daniel Coronel, Univision President, his efforts in trying to convince me to renew my contract and to stay, but like I always say to young people, ‘fight for your dreams, never give up’. Now it’s time for me to practice what I preach and to do things that I have always dreamt of doing.”

But when is María Elena Salinas' last show on Univision? She said: “This is not a goodbye, it’s only an announcement. I will be here until the end of the year. I still have many news stories to present on Noticias Univision, for now goodnight and see you soon.”

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