Netflix is yet to announce the renewal of “Arrested Development” Season 6. But many believed renewing the series for a Season 6 is no longer necessary after the second part of Season 5 was released.

After Fox dropped the third season of “Arrested Development” in 2006, the series headed for a different road. Netflix picked up the show and released the fourth season in 2013. The major factor for the long gap between Season 3 and Season 4 was the difficulty in bringing the cast together to film.

The actors are not to be blamed, though, since the cast signed up for different projects after the cancellation. Fans were overjoyed with the release of the first part of Season 5 in 2018. The second part of Season 5 was released on March 15, and different reviews agree that it should be the last for “Arrested Development.”

From a three-year consecutive award-winning show to a shameful revival, the show proved it lost its gold comedic luster. While waiting for the official announcement from Netflix, below are the reasons why a Season 6 of “Arrested Development” seems unnecessary.

Cast Members

The casting of “Arrested Development” is one of the ingredients that made the show successful. After the cancellation by Fox, the actors were cast in different shows as well. When Netflix picked up the show, everyone was on board with reviving the series, but other commitments got in the way. Jason Bateman is on full-time work with Netflix’s Ozark.

The cast’s schedule is one of the reasons Season 4 aired almost seven years after Season 3. It took five years for Season 5 to premiere, and the cast’s schedule is a large contributor to the delay.

Cast Feud

Star Jeffrey Tambor was accused of multiple sexual misconduct by former assistant Van Barnes, which led to Amazon dropping him out of “Transparent.” The allegations have not interfered with Tambor working with Netflix, but the streaming giant may think twice about working again with Tambor after he allegedly verbally harassed co-star Jessica Walter.

Walter opened up in a cast interview with New York Times, and she claimed she had never encountered someone as verbally aggressive as Tambor is in her entire career as an actress. Tambor publicly apologized to her for his insensitivity.

Co-star Bateman also apologized to Walter for defending Tambor’s behavior during the interview. “I was wrong here,” Bateman said on Twitter. “I shouldn’t have tried so hard to mansplain,” the actor admitted.

Outdated Jokes

What makes “Arrested Development” stand out as a comedy show is its skill to create jokes that are socially relevant. But the show’s return in 2013 indicated that the sense of humor has become outdated. Some even call it obsolete. The jokes referenced to events in 2015, which aired in 2018. Again, it has something to do with the long gaps between seasons.

Do you think there will be an “Arrested Development” Season 6?