iPhone loyalists can benefit immensely if they wait a little longer for an upgrade, suggest tech experts. While any new iPhone model would ideally cost $1,000, analysts are of the opinion that with the release of iPhone 12 this fall, investing in a new handset before its latest launch can prove to be a wrong move.

With Apple recently having announced the virtual launch of its new products on Sept. 15, the resolve to curb the urge to spend on an Apple product before will prove to be really rewarding on many fronts. The iPhone 12 is slated to hit the stands in October, and the slight delay is attributed to the coronavirus pandemic (the outbreak brought the economy to its knees). If this stands true, Apple’s iPhone 12 will perhaps be the only model, post-2012, to not have been launched in September.

Experts predict that the upcoming virtual launch will shed more light on Apple’s coveted releases -- New Apple Watch models and a new iPad. Coming to the iPhone 12, it is speculated that the phone will comprise spectacular features such as 5G support, a new processor, different size options, OLED screens, a refreshed design that’s similar to the iPad Pro.

The 5G support is another important feature that makes the wait a lot alluring. Experts advise buyers to make the most of this, instead of settling for a version that doesn’t offer this, especially when the iPhone 12 is just several weeks away. And the biggest caveat of waiting for the iPhone 12 is the fact that the firm almost always discounts older phones soon after a new model is launched.

But, just in case, you cannot wait any longer for an update despite the host of benefits that come with waiting a little longer, there’s hope -- an iPhone SE is a safe bet.

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