As Prince Charles appears to ready himself for a transition towards a more public role as the future monarch of the United Kingdom, rumors swirl that he may ask Prince Harry and his wife Meghan to return to the fold as working royals.

Prince Charles is believed to be taking more and more of the Queen’s responsibilities in the future due to her prolonged issues with mobility and as a way of easing Charles into the role of the future King of England, according to CNN.

As the longest-serving heir to the throne in the history of England, Charles’ expertise and knowledge about the responsibilities of a royal is unmatched by anyone and is believed by close advisors to the Queen to be useful as he takes on more of her duties as Counsellor of State.

Already showing his ability to do the job by subbing for the Queen during the State Opening of Parliament, he is reportedly being eased into the role, especially as the celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee are underway.

With his future as King all but assured, Charles is believed to be considering talks of allowing Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex back into the fold as “part-time royals,” as he is said to be more amenable to this proposition of royalty than the Queen herself, Marie Claire reported.

“My guess is Charles is really going to want them back—sort of need them back, actually—because Harry and Meghan were huge assets to the whole royal repertoire, quite frankly,” royal expert Tina Brown said. “They had a young appeal that was very, very potent in the country.”

Some also believe that Charles will allow them to become “part-time royals” and pursue their commercial interests along with their duties to the Crown as a way of mending the relationship that the two have together.

“He doesn’t like his actions, but Prince Harry is his DNA, and he does hurt when they’re not talking, he does hurt when things aren’t on the right path, and I think he’s anxious to start the healing process. I think that Prince Charles is very forgiving,” Kinsey Schofield, another royal expert, said.

As Prince Charles takes on more duties of the Queen that she is unable to do due to her health, many believe that he will make amends with Prince Harry once he is elevated to the throne. WPA Pool/Getty Images.

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