Prince William once made Kate Middleton feel like a servant while they were still studying at the University of St. Andrews. The royal couple first met each other when they enrolled at the institution.

In the book “William And Catherine,” royal author Andrew Morton claimed that the Duke of Cambridge’s curt behavior made Kate feel as though she was being treated as a servant. Prince William and Kate started dating in 2003.

“Obstinate and strong-willed, William could be an overwhelming presence and, at times, Kate felt taken for granted — treated like a servant rather than his girlfriend,” Morton said.

One of Prince William’s friends, Michael Choong, also told Morton that the prince could flip and curt with Kate. The now mom of four disliked it whenever Prince William ignored her or whenever he strikes up a conversation with someone else even when she’s around.

“He expected Kate to run after him and the longer they knew each other, the more he seemed to keep her on a tight leash,” Choong said.

One friend close to Prince William described his relationship with the Duchess of Cambridge as an edgy one because they were always “in and out.” Morton added that there were often rows and spats between the couple, especially when they were still young adults.

But Prince William and Kate’s first major relationship hiccup took place one year after they started dating. At that time, the couple agreed to have a trial separation from each other. Royal author Katie Nicholl said that Prince William wanted some space, and Kate agreed to give it to him.

In the book “William And Harry,” Nicholl said that Prince William and Kate got back together around Christmas time after they split the past summer. Kate also gave her then boyfriend a condition.

Prince George’s mom banned Prince William from contacting stunning heiress Isabella Anstruther Gough Calthorpe again. Three years later, Prince William and Kate once again split for a couple of weeks after the former felt unsure of their future together.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Prince William and Kate Middleton went to the same university, where they met. AFP PHOTO/Saeed KHAN