Considering her tragic and controversial past, it was never easy to be in Princess Diana’s shoes. She had a tough time dealing with her husband, Prince Charles, who was cheating on her with his n0w-wife Camilla Parker Bowels.

When the news came out in the open, Princess Diana had a whirlwind of a time managing the press because along with her title, she had to maintain her own image and integrity too. With the kind of negative publicity that Diana got back then, it was assumed that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip may not be very fond of her.

However, a recent unearthed podcast reveals quite the opposite. In 2017, BBC Radio 5 Live released a series titled “Images Of Diana,” in which journalist Natasha Kaplinsky threw light on the relationship that the Queen and Prince Phillip had with Diana.

“It’s not been realised how supportive the Queen and Prince Phillip were to Diana when she was going through all this [marital trouble],” explained one of the biographers. “The Duke of Edinburgh called himself ‘pa’ to her, and he wrote supportive letters saying ‘Charles' behaviour is awful’, added the biographer Sara Bradford.

“He really wanted to keep things together and so did the Queen,” she went on. “They didn’t like Camilla and Charles carrying on a relationship which endangered the monarchy.” However, a few years later, Diana and the Queen’s relationship was deeply affected after Diana decided to take matters into her own hands.

A famous photo of Princess Diana circulated in magazines and newspapers back in 1992 wherein she was seen sitting outside the Taj Mahal in India. Prince Charles was supposed to take her to this trip, but in the photo the princess was alone outside “The Crown of Palaces.” 

This may have made the Queen furious at that time. Reports claimed that the princess looked “remarkably lonely” in the photograph, and it ignited speculations of marriage troubles between the royal couple.

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Princess Diana Princess Diana of Wales as she poses at the Taj Mahal in Agra on February 11, 1992, and (LEFT) Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge(L), and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, as they pose during their visit to The Taj Mahal in Agra on April 16, 2016. DOUGLAS CURRAN,PRAKASH SINGH/AFP/Getty Images

“This was part of a dreadful year for the Queen and she can’t have welcomed an image like this splashed across the world’s media,” Kaplinsky explained.

In one of her most explosive interviews back in 1995, Diana opened up about her marriage for the first time when she revealed that there were “three of us in the marriage.” Just as much as it shook the world, it made the royal family equally miffed. The Queen was so angry that she asked the couple to separate permanently.

Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, Prince Charles SEPTEMBER 04: The Queen, Princess Diana and Prince Charles watching the traditional Highland Games at Braemar in Scotland. Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images