Move over Kevin Costner, Will Ferrell is looking to become the next big screen baseball star. In a plot that sounds like a Hollywood script, Ferrell is set to play all 10 positions for 10 different major league teams during Cactus League Spring Training on March 12th, 2015.

Ferrell will travel by helicopter to five different ballparks across Arizona on Thursday to film a new HBO special which is being produced by “Funny Or Die.” Ferrell’s big league adventure is using the social media hashtag #FerrellTakesTheField and will air on HBO later this year with interviews and comments from MLB players, managers, coaches, and fans.

“We hope to always be in the Will Ferrell business,” said head of HBO Programming, Michael Lombardo. “This latest collaboration is one of those things only Will could pull off. I can’t wait to see him take the field.”

Ferrell’s quest is inspired by Bert “Campy” Campaneris who once played every position on the field on September 8th, 1965. Campaneris went 0 for 3 while playing all nine positions for the Kansas City Athletics. Campaneris has been asked to be in attendance with Ferrell as he attempts to play all nine positions himself including DH.

Ferrell’s journey will start with the Oakland Athletics at HoHoKam stadium where he will play an inning at shortstop before getting traded to the Seattle Mariners where he will play second base. After, that, he will travel to Tempe, Ariz. Where he will take over center field for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim before playing 1st base for the Chicago Cubs. He will then travel to Talking Stick where he will suit up for both the Cincinnati Reds and Arizona Diamondbacks. Next on his journey is an afternoon game between the San Francisco Giants and Chicago White Sox where Ferrell is expected to play catcher in place of Buster Posey. Farrell’s adventure wraps up with the Dodgers and Padres in Peoria where he is expected to pitch and play right field in honor of Tony Gwynn.

The spectacle is also for charity as proceeds from each game goes to Cancer for College, an organization dedicated to fighting cancer. Cancer fro College was formed in 1993, and helps individuals aversely affected by cancer to help realize their dreams and get a college education.

“Spring Training affords an appropriate setting where our game can serve as the backdrop for an event that will benefit organizations that fight cancer,” said Rob Manfred the new Commissioner of Baseball. “Will is a big fan of our game, and many of us in baseball – among our clubs, players and our millions of fans – are big fans of his. Major League Baseball is happy to take part in what will surely be a fan and memorable day for a great cause.”