Lady Gaga was last seen in “American Horror Story” Season 6, and now that the show is returning for its ninth season, fans are wondering if the singer will make a comeback. Sadly, it seems that she will not be part of this new chapter. 

During her stint in the “American Horror Story,” Lady Gaga portrayed two roles. In Season 5 titled “Hotel,” she played Elizabeth, a vampire countess who is a fashionista and owns Hotel Cortez. In Season 6, she was Scáthach, a lusty ancient witch who’s responsible for the infestation of savage ghosts in the haunted property in “Roanoke.” 

Lady gaga was mostly known as a singer before these acting gigs. Thus, this project marked her entry into the world of acting. Gaga definitely prepared for her roles in the series and wanted to take acting seriously. That’s why when Murphy asked her to be meaner and act more like a b**ch in order to bring out the kind of countess that her role requires, she brought her best to perfect her character. 

She watched horror films and studied the villain characters of Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” and Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter in the film “Silence Of The Lambs.” She went all-out for her first acting project as she didn’t want to disappoint her audience and the producers. 

“It’s always been so important to me that if I were to ever to make a move in television or as an actress that it would never feel like a move and nobody would ever go, ‘Oh, here she is trying to become an actress and put out a clothing line and a record label’ — you know, that’s sort of the thing that everyone expects, right?” she told Variety. “What I did want was to be taken seriously as an actress,” she added.

However, despite debuting successfully as an actress in Season 5 of “American Horror Story,” she only stayed until the sixth season and left the show. The reason for her departure might have been revealed in her documentary titled “Gaga: Five Foot Two,” which aired on Netflix in 2017. 

There’s footage in the film that showed Gaga in a heated discussion with the producers of AMH. It appeared that she lost her cool after a long day of filming due to the sudden changes in creative direction. She told the producers that she’s doing a record, she has other things to do and she hasn’t slept, so she’s frustrated over the changes in the shoot.

Lady Gaga indeed has a packed schedule, and this could be one of the reasons why she can’t be on “American Horror Story.” But as per Bustle, the actress/singer may still return at some point in the future. This is because according to series creator Ryan Murphy, the witches will be back, though not in Season 9.

Lady Gaga Timeline photo of "American Horror Story." American Horror Story/Flickr