The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills
The juicy new season of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is full of drama that we love. Bravo

“Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” (RHOBH) is in danger of being canceled amid reports that cast member Lisa Vanderpump will no longer return to the show. The reality TV star’s last appearance in Season 9 will air next Tuesday.

A source from Bravo production told Daily Mail that the next time viewers see Vanderpump, it will be at the end of the current season when she was filmed opening her newest restaurant at Caesars Palace. Vanderpump has stopped filming for new episodes after her co-stars accused her of leaking negative stories to the press.

Vanderpump reportedly feels hurt over the accusations thrown against her, and she’s also not happy with her co-stars ganging up on her. The source said that it is still unclear whether or not the mom of two will appear in the reunion episode for “RHOBH.”

“Lisa still hasn’t committed to either the reunion or coming back next season, so we don’t know where things stand with her,” the source said. “We obviously want her at the reunion and we want her back next season,” the source added.

In this week’s episode of “RHOBH” Season 9, Vanderpump tried to prove her pals wrong by taking a lie detector test. But even after she passed the test, her co-stars still refused to believe her.

The drama among the stars of the show began with the PuppyGate debacle when a rescue puppy from Vanderpump dogs adopted by Dorit Kemsley ended up in a shelter. Kemsley claimed that the dog wasn’t fit for her home and gave it to a friend, who in turn gave it to a shelter following a family emergency. It was the second dog that Kemsley had adopted and given up.

Majority of the cast members were convinced that Vanderpump was behind the controversy to make Kemsley look bad. And to make things worse, a story about the incident was leaked to the press, and everyone thought Vanderpump was responsible for exposing it.

During an interview with Daily Mail, Vanderpump admitted that filming the current season had been too much for her and said that she didn’t cope very well.

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