By the video Will Smith shared on his Instagram account we could tell he was having the time of his life performing with the Cayman Islands’ pandemic steel drum band. The musicians were playing their instruments while the award-winning actor was singing Mexican folk song, “La Bamba.” During the short film, Smith sounds to be a little bit confused with the lyrics, and as usual, some people took some time to point that out.

Clearly Smith never takes negative comments personal, but in order to prove haters wrong, two days later he redeemed himself by posting another video not only singing “La Bamba” perfectly, but also giving his introduction in Spanish.

“A lot of people in the comment section were making fun of me because I didn’t know the words of ‘La Bamba,’” said Smith fluently in Spanish to later turn up the volume of his radio and completely nail the song released in 1939 by Alvaro Hernández Ortiz, credited as El Jarocho, but popularized in 1958 by an adaptation by Ritchie Valens, ranking number 354 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Smith also wrote a special message to the doubters. "Some of y’all were roasting me in the comments for not knowing the words to La Bamba the other day…" he wrote. 

In only three hours the video had over two million views and around 60 thousand comments. "You are an incredible person, very clear in all your messages! thanks for singing La Bamba I started dancing. kisses from Argentina," wrote a fan using the kiss emoji. "Wow the pronunciation is perfect!" wrote another follower adding that "the R in Marinero," according to her, was "perfect!" Smith was catapulted from Instagram to Twitter, where some users praised his performance.