The debut season of “Vagabond” ended on a note that left the possibility of another season open. More than three months since its gripping conclusion, however, the future of “Vagabond” season 2 is still up in the air.  

The “Vagabond” finale saw Cha Dal-Gun coming out alive and turning into a mercenary after going through a series of hardships. Presuming he was dead, his lover, Go Hae-Ri, joined forces with their former nemesis, Jessica Lee, and became a lobbyist.

In the final scene, Cha Dal-Gun was shocked to find out that Go Hae-Ri was his next target. While waiting for his target to arrive at a desert in Kyria, a car carrying Go Hae-Ri suddenly halted and Cha Dal-Gun was stunned to see his former lover getting out of the busted car. As expected, Cha Dal-Gun changed his aim and protected Go Hae-Ri by killing his fellow mercenary instead.

With Cha Dal-Gun still at large and Go Hae-Ri in the dark about Cha Dal-Gun’s existence, “Vagabond” season 2 should be set in stone by now. Unfortunately, the last time a representative from the production spoke about the possibility of a season 2 was in November 2019 and no additional update has been dropped since then.

“It was planned and produced with a 2nd season in mind,” revealed the rep. “However, season 2 has not been confirmed and it’s currently being reviewed. We are reviewing schedules of the actors, writers, and directors,” he added.

The representative also revealed that “Vagabond” had taken 11 months to produce and the planning period had taken more months than that. That means that even if they get the ball rolling on “Vagabond” season 2, fans of the series will have to wait at least more than a year before they see the series return for a new season.

“Vagabond” is an espionage thriller that centers on Cha Dal-Gun and his investigation of a mysterious plane crash that killed his nephew. The series marks Lee Seung-Gi and Suzy’s reunion series after starring together in the 2013 drama “Gu Family Book.” It aired on SBS from Sept. 20 to Nov. 21, 2019 and is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

Vagabond "Vagabond" centers on Cha Dal-Gun and his investigation of a mysterious plane crash that killed 211 civilians, including his own nephew. Facebook/vagabondkd