As Queen Elizabeth II’s children, Prince Edward and his siblings automatically got the HRH title by birth. But they are bound to accumulate other titles, especially during their wedding day, where male children of the monarch are given the title of duke by tradition.

Prince Charles, however, got his Duke of Cornwall title even before he was married since he is the heir apparent. But for other male royals, they received their duke title only after marriage. Thus, Prince Andrew became the Duke of York when he married Sarah Ferguson. Even Edward’s nephews got dukedoms when they married, which explains why William is also the Duke of Cambridge and Harry also the Duke of Sussex.

But Prince Edward is different from his brothers and nephews. Instead of getting the duke title on his wedding in 1999, he opted for the lower-ranked title earl, which explains why his wife, Sophie, is the Countess of Wessex, as countess is the female form of earl.

The reason for this is that Prince Edward already has a duke title waiting for him. It is said that Prince Philip already arranged it so that the title Duke of Edinburg will be inherited by his youngest son when he passes away.

When this happens, Edward’s wife, Sophie, will automatically get an upgrade as well. Currently the Countess of Wessex, she will then be called HRH The Duchess Of Edinburgh if her husband becomes the duke.

However, there’s little confusion as to what the titles of their two children might be at that point. At present they are called James, Viscount Severn, and Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor.

But they could have actually opted to be called HRH Prince James of Wessex and HRH Princess Louise of Wessex. Based on the 1917 Letters Patent, all children of the Sovereign and the Sovereign’s male-line grandchildren are to be accorded princely titles.

If Prince Edward eventually becomes the Duke of Edinburg, he could pass on the Earl Of Wessex to his son, James. However, Rick Smith posited on Quora that he might opt to be called HRH Prince James, Earl of Wessex, if that time comes. Meanwhile, either the title of Edward’s daughter will remain unchanged, or, if Smith is correct, it might change to HRH Princess Louise of Edinburgh.

Prince Edward HRH the Earl of Wessex met with representatives from local organisations at The Kindle Centre, as part of his visit to South Wye in Hereford. Herefordshire Council/Flickr