Among Queen Elizabeth II’s children, Prince Charles, along with sons Prince William and Prince Harry, is the most popular one, which is understandable as he is the heir apparent and gets more media coverage compared to his siblings. At the other end of the spectrum is Prince Edward, said to be the least talked-about son of Her Majesty. Here are a few facts about this relatively elusive prince.

Queen Elizabeth’s Youngest Child

Prince Edward is Her Majesty’s youngest child. He was born on March 10, 1964, which makes him more than 15 years younger than Prince Charles, who was born on Nov. 14, 1948.

The Eleventh In Line To The Throne

When Prince Edward was born, he was third in line to the throne behind his two older brothers, Prince Charles and Prince Andrew. On the other hand, his older sister, Princess Anne, is fourth in line. (For those who are wondering why Anne is ranked lower than her younger brothers, the monarchy followed male-preference primogeniture until 2011, which placed brothers ahead of sisters in the line of succession.)

These days, Prince Edward is eleventh in line to the throne due to recent additions to the royal family. Prince Charles comes first, but he is now followed by his and Princess Diana’s son Prince William, who is then followed by William’s children, Prince George (third), Princess Charlotte (fourth), Prince Louis (fifth). At sixth spot is Charles’ second son, Prince Harry, followed by Harry’s newborn son, Prince Archie (seventh), then Charles’ younger brother, Prince Andrew (eighth), followed by Andrew’s two daughters, Princess Beatrice (ninth) and Princess Eugenie (tenth).

An Extremely Private Person

Prince Edward is said to be an extremely low key who values his privacy. In fact, he reportedly did not choose the HRH for his children James and Louise.

“…Edward Antony Richard Louis is, and always has been, an extremely private person,” Brandi Turland wrote on Quora. “He is well known to have a good, genteel sense of humor, and purposely chose not to accept the HRH for his own children, aiming to give them as normal of a life as he can (although they are still aristocrats, known by the names of Lady Louise and Viscount Severn James Windsor).”

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and Prince Edward Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, ride a carriage on the day of their wedding. Getty Images/Tim Graham