Residents caught Cuban Actor William Levy while shooting a movie in Dominican Republic’s Colonial Zone. Levy, who recently finished the promotion in Japan for his latest movie “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,” has embarked on this new Dominican project starring Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos.

William Levy William Levy and Carmen Villalobos on the set of their new movie in Dominican Republic. Instagram/ RosannaRive

The Latin sex symbol was seen walking along Carmen and surrounded by hundreds of pigeons on what seems to be one of the most romantic scenes from the movie. He was wearing joggers, wheat nubuck boots and a sweater. During the shooting, fans said the actor looked very focused on his job and that him and Villalobos rehearsed the scene many times before recording.

William Levy Cuban actor William Levy shares with the film crew during the shooting of his new movie in Dominican Republic. Instagram/ RosannaRive

The film is a romantic comedy movie and will be shooting in Santo Domingo for only a few more days. Levy arrived to the island two days ago, and immediately met with his Dominican friends, including baseball player David Ortiz, and actor Carlos De La Mota, and posted a picture on his Instagram.

“We are thinking about trading carreers. Now that my brother (David Ortiz) just quit baseball, he should definitely go into acting,” the actor commented.

We can't wait to see what this movie is about, but in the meantime, we can watch William Levy alongside Milla Jovovich in the new “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” movie on January 27, 2017. Check below the trailer of the final film of the saga.