Elizabeth and William
William Levy explodes against fans on social media for criticizing Elizabeth Gutiérrez' decision to take a break from work and follow him to South Africa. Getty

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez are staying strong after People announced their separation back in June and a text message conversation between Ximena Navarrete and Elizabeth was published confirming an affair between the Cuban actor and the Mexican beauty queen.

The couple, who is determined to put all separation rumors aside, has decided to turn to social media PDA to stop all haters from making false declarations about their relationship. Last month, Levy shared a photo of the mother of his children with the following caption: “Congratulations from South Africa to you and all your teammates at @brujasmiami you deserve it. Beautiful women, talented and great mothers!! Very proud of you ;-) and don’t miss it Friday and Saturday at 8PM and Sunday at 6PM…Arrive early please.”

Two days ago, Elizabeth announced on Instagram she was leaving “Brujas” to make her “kids’ dreams come true.” Followers immediately began criticizing her decision, which meant she would put her career aside to go meet Levy in South Africa, where he is shooting the sixth and final movie in the Resident Evil Series, “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.”

After finding out people disapproved of Ely's choice, William turned to social media to stand up for the mother of his two kids, Christopher and Kailey:

“I’m not used to doing this…I have a career thanks to God, my effort and all the beautiful people that have given me so much love. Therefore, I don’t need to be clarifying rumors in magazines and TV shows. It’s not my style. I always try to keep myself apart from everything they say or make up. But there’s a fine line and I think a lot of them have already crossed it. No one tells this woman [Elizabeth] what to do. No one. She has always put her kids’ dreams before anything else, including dreams of her own. But let’s be clear – Besides being the best mom, the most respectful and a fighter, she is an excellent and true professional incapable of making a decision that could hurt her colleagues. This decision @gutierrezelizabeth_ made to leave the play had the intention to make our kids happy without meaning to hurt anyone. It is important to mention that she talked to the producer a month before she announced her decision and not that same weekend like some of you are saying. Thanks to God, her goals, and her dreams, her life doesn't revolve around a theatre play. No misters! To her, the most important thing in life, which should also be for every mother and father out there, are her children. And that’s just one of many qualities I admire in her. My kids couldn’t ask for a better mother…Besides, everybody relax, it’s not the end of the world, and it’s not the end of the play. Sending good vibes from here to all the talented and beautiful women in @brujasmiami.”

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