For work reasons, award-winning actor and director Wilmer Valderrama, will be celebrating Father's Day away from his dad. Although both are thousands of miles away, it will not be an impediment for Wilmer to doing something special for his dad.

The "That '70s Show" actor knows that his father appreciates luxury and quality, and for that reason he partnered with Johnnie Walker to celebrate his journey through fatherhood with a personalized engraved bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

In an exclusive interview with Latin Times, Wilmer tells how this rarest and most exclusive blend of whiskey brings such important memories not only from his beginnings as an actor, but also from his childhood.

"Honoring my dad with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label brings nostalgic memories to me," says Valderrama. "Every Christmas or every New Year I would see my dad having a Black Label on the rocks and that's the most iconic and characteristic thing I remember."

Valderrama tells how to be part of this campaign made him feel at home, and that this type of gift is a perfect option to honor a special moment or celebrate a unique memory. "The fact that you can engrave the bottle and then give it to your dad is such a cool gift and I think dads really appreciate that," he says. "Those are the gifts they do not really expect from you."

The 37-year-old of Venezuelan and Colombian descent told the story behind his creative engraving on a bottle of whiskey. "I engraved the best advice he ever gave me: 'Mijo, if you get it, very good; if you do not get it…very good' and he said it in his accent," Valderrama said. "He said it to me during my last audition for 'That '70s Show,' and that advice taught me that it was going to be okay no matter what the outcome was, and made me feel fearless."

He relates that he wrote the phrase just as his father said it ("U GETIT A BERY GUD U DON GETIT AAA BERY GUD") and that when he sent him the bottle, his dad was very excited and it was a great moment in which both had the chance to recall sweet moments from the past.

The actor also took the opportunity to send a message to the Latinos living in the United States. "My message to the Latino community in the U.S. is 'Unity,'" says Valderrama. "Remember your culture, remember where you come from, but what is more critical is to wave the same flag together. We have to create a bigger sense of unity because that's what we need right now," he added.

Finally Wilmer expressed his feeling towards Venezuela and those fighting every day for a better country. "I am proud of the young people for being so fearless and show such an example of love and passion for their flag and for their country and I stand behind them." Valderrama says that Venezuela is a country with a lot of potential and that he has big hopes for his people.