The death toll has increased in Venezuela as the country continues to protest. A woman was confirmed to be dead when she received the impact of a blunt object on her head in one of the marches against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

The 47-year-old victim, Almelina Carrillo Virgüez, received the impact of a bottle full of water that caused serious injuries and later her death. The incident was confirmed by Interior Minister Néstor Reverol, who warned that the authorities will not rest until "capture those responsible".

According to the report presented by the portal Infobae, the Venezuelan prosecutor reported that three people had wounded results, including Carrillo and a 17-year-old boy who died hours after being shot.

The BBC News released a list of the people killed in marches and unrest since 1 April:

  • Jairo Ortiz, 19, killed on 6 April in Miranda state. According to Venezuela's Interior Ministry, Mr Ortiz was not taking part in anti-government protests when he was shot dead. A police officer has been arrested in connection with the shooting.
  • Daniel Queliz, 20, killed on 10 April in Valencia state. Shot in the neck during an anti-government protest.
  • Brayan Principal, 14, killed on 11 April in Lara state. Shot in the abdomen during anti-government protests in the city of Barquisimeto.
  • Miguel Ángel Colmenares, 36, killed on 12 April in Lara state. Shot 11 times, witnesses said he was targeted by "colectivos", pro-government militant grassroots groups.
  • Gruseny Antonio Canelón, 32, died on 13 April after being shot during a anti-government protests in Lara state.
  • Carlos José Moreno, 17, shot in the head on 19 April in the centre of Caracas near an opposition demonstration. Was on his way to play football, his brother said.
  • Paola Ramírez, 23, shot on 19 April near an anti-government demonstration in Táchira state. Witnesses said "colectivos" were to blame, while the interior minister blamed an opposition party.
  • Neomar San Clemente, 28, sergeant in the National Guard, officials said he was killed by a "sharpshooter" during an anti-government protest near Caracas on 19 April.
  • Melvin Fernando Guittian, 26, shot in the stomach as he was returning to his home amid anti-government protests on 20 April.
  • Almelina Carrillo, 47, died on 23 April after being hit by a bottle of frozen water during a pro-government march on 19 April in Caracas.
  • Eleven people died in the El Valle area of Caracas between Thursday 20 and Friday 21 April, many of them were electrocuted when a bakery was looted.

So far there are 21 victims who have been killed in violent demonstrations, in addition to hundreds of people injured and about 800 detained.