During the past year, the social and economical situation in Venezuela has been deeply affected by a freezing of the productive system of this country which has triggered in an ascent of the indices of crime and poverty.

The Venezuelan government, led by Nicolás Maduro, claims the country is facing an economic war, where "certain groups" (as the government calls them) are performing acts of corruption and covert or hidden actions where primate speculation, an excessive media campaign of economic manipulation, as well as a sabotage of the actions that they have created to improve the country's productive system. 

However, hundreds of videos of people suffering with dry tears of impotence are more than a sign that shows what is actually happening in the country.  This moment in history definitely goes much further than a simple group devoted to sabotaging government actions. 

Many people around the world have been in solidarity with the situation Venezuela is going through and it is through the videos posted on social media where citizens of any country can witness the results of the government decisions.

On Wednesday April 19, a 17-year-old teenager and a 23-year-old girl were killed by unknown gunfire, and a military man was also killed by a sniper outside Caracas. Another gunfire victims have been reported, as detailed on New York Times.  

According to The Guardian, at about midday on Thursday, a few thousand people protested in Caracas, although opposition lawmakers accused security forces of using excessive teargas and force to block the marches.

The Venezuelan Observatory of Violence, said in 2013 that in Caracas there are 79 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, almost 25,000 Venezuelans killed by violence in a year, which could be said to have doubled in the last four years.

Seven out of ten Venezuelans are rebuking their government, tired of the scarcity and brutal inflation that the IMF estimates at 720.5% this year.

As shown on CNN, Anti-government protesters want Maduro to step down and these are some of the harrowing videos that you have shared through social networks to show solidarity with Venezuela in this struggle.