The heartbreaking video of Patricia Tagliaferri, a Venezuelan woman who recorded a sad testimony where she reveals the anger she feels about the social and political crisis in Venezuela, now also denounces that she and her family are victims of insecurity, after the revealing video where she complained of the government and the conditions of her country went viral. 

Patricia, claimed that she didn't have food to feed her two-year-old son and that her salary only allows her to buy three chickens a month, even though she has a government official job.

"I'm making this video because I want everyone to know what a Venezuelan lives every day. I am a professional; I graduated as a senior technician in computer science. I am a public official and I have always been against this government, this administration that has led us to misery, to failure and a terrible depression. I want everyone to share this," she said.

During the clip that has now gone viral, the woman cries dejectedly and asks for foreign intervention to stop the situation in which her nationals live.

 "I have a two-year-old son who deserves a better future, does not have diapers, does not have milk, does not have food, is the only one who can occasionally eat a piece of chicken because here in this country, my salary can only afford us to buy three chickens a month, three chickens a month. We live in constant solace, in a fight to get three cans of food, " she added with tears in his eyes.

And if the deplorable economic situation was not enough, she also claimed being robbed and attempted to murder towards herself and her family. "Last night the car was stolen, with a two-year-old boy, they did not care. We had to beg them not to kill us. A car that costs so much in this country and being professional I will never be able to buy it. Never again," she revealed.

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After hours of this video became viral, the woman was interviewed by international news channel RCN and revealed that she has received threats and mistreatment from some people after she expressed her annoyance.

"Threats of death, threats of persecution, they take pictures of my son who has nothing to do with this and post them; my son has nothing to do, do not put him into this," said fearful Patricia Tagliaferri.

"A person who posted information about my husband and son, that person knew many details like my car information and a number of things; someone even threatened to kill us with a long-range rifle," denounced the Venezuelan woman who never imagined that her story would identify millions of Venezuelans who cry every day in silence for the situation.

"For the future of my son, my son has no future here, why do they have to put him in this?" she said desperately as she awaits for the future of her country to change. 

However, she does not regret the publication she has been in fear after the results of the video and wouldn't like to be fired from her job.