Wireless Armour Creates Men’s Underwear To Protect From Electromagnetic Radiation And Infertility [VIDEO]

Wireless Armour creates a pair of protective men's underwear. Shutterstock

In this digital age of smartphones, smart watches, smart toothbrushes and much more it was only a matter of time until smart technology was actually wearable. Last year we were introduced to the concept of a smart bra by Microsoft. It started as a project of Microsoft Research in conjunction with researchers at the University of Rochester and the University of Southampton in the UK. 

The aim for the smart bra was to change behavior around food and was based on identifying certain physical changes that occur as a result of anxiety, nervousness, boredom and stress in general and how they influence the supply of a person in order to avoid overeating.

Now the world is being introduced to a pair of men's underwear which protect the wearer's health. An English company Armour Wireless, has launched a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds and promote a project of underwear for men to test radiation. As the founder explains in a video (which can be seen below), the undies use a special fabric that incorporate the protective properties of silver and serves to contain the electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile devices we use every day. The company's pitch is quite simple and reads: 

"Now that the technology is a fundamental part of modern life, Wireless Armour makes protection as easy as simply putting on clothes."

The idea arose when Wireless Armour's founder Joseph Perkins realized how his daily exposure to electromagnetic radiation was coming from his everyday devices such as his laptop, smartphone and tablet especially around his private parts. Perkins explains that radiation has been linked to many cases of erectile dysfunction and even infertility in some men. 

While the company has an awesome idea and had been getting the word out there with dedicated FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages the start-up is still falling short with funds.

The campaign started on April 28 and will close on May 28, 2014 (11:59pm PT). If you like the idea and is feeling generous head over to Indiegogo's website and contribute!

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