Are you ready for Wisin & Yandel back on stage? It’s been over three years since we haven't seen the reggaeton performers together as a duo, and we really miss them. Back in 2013 when they announced the beginning of their careers as solo artists, we thought they probably wouldn’t get back together but they proved us wrong, as today we woke up with the amazing news of their comeback and we know for sure it’ll be better than ever.

The announcement was made after their recent performance at Zion and Lenox's concert in Puerto Rico. Through a video broadcasted on Instagram, the duo talked about their "rivals" in music and how their game could be over when they returned.

"This is not a convenient thing for you," Wisin said in the video, talking about other musical acts. "We gave you three and a half years so you could do something and you didn't deliver. You don't want this to happen. You know that if we go all in, your game is over, papi!" both Wisin and Yandel added.

Here are some of the reasons why we're so excited about their return.

1- There’s No Other Group With Their Swag

Sure, there are other reggaeton acts that we love too, but Wisin and Yandel are extremely authentic and fresh, and they risk everything to create new sounds that always stick to their roots.

2- They Do Amazing Collaborations

Their collaborations are the best: Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, T- Pain, Akon and 50 Cent, among others.

3- They Really Complement Each Other

Wisin is more of a "gansta." He can really portray a lot of attitude and boastfulness at the same time. Yandel is the romantic guy with great personality. Everything girls are looking for in two guys, in one pack!

4- Have you ever gone to any of their concerts? They Kill It!

Although they both made very good solo careers and were featured in some great hits with high-profile artists, they definitely do it better together.

5- The Duo's Last Album "Líderes" Was The Best

With every album they released, Wisin & Yandel reached the highest sales on a reggaeton duo compilation ever with over 1 Million copies worldwide.

6- Nobody Mixes Like Them

On every album, Wisin & Yandel reach a great balance, always saving the essence of Reggaeton but giving a shaped sound to it with new elements and genres.

7- They Win All The Awards

Throughout their career they have reached the highest amount of awards for a group on their field. A total of 35 awards including a Grammy, 9 Latin Billboards and 2 Latin Grammys.

8- We Always Want More Of Their Videos

We have to admit their videos are the best. The production on their audiovisuals is really out of of this world and we cannot wait to see what is coming next.

9- They're Trendy On Red Carpets

Not all men can wear a suit and tie and carry it with elegance. Wisin & Yandel have reached such popularity with their outfits that they have turned out to be fashion icons everywhere they go. 

We are so ready for new reggaeton singles by the dynamic duo and we’re happy that not all groups who split, do it forever. Welcome back!