An elderly woman in Queensland died hours after getting inoculated with a shot of the Pfizer vaccine, officials said.

The 82-year-old woman from Australia was a resident at an aged care facility in Yurana, Springwood. After being vaccinated at around 10 am on Wednesday, emergency services were called in less than three hours. She was declared unresponsive and dead at 1:30 pm, just a couple of hours after receiving a jab of the coronavirus vaccine, reported New York Post.

Since she had underlying health problems, it's unclear if the vaccine contributed to her death and the cause of her death has been ruled as accidental.

This news comes as authorities examine whether an AstraZeneca vaccine triggered an Australian man's unusual blood clotting disorder. He had received his vaccination on March 22. The blood clotting disorder has been reported in a small number of people in Europe and the United Kingdom, but no connection to the AstraZeneca vaccine has been identified.

Responding in connection to the death of the elderly woman and her recent vaccination, Australian Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said, “At this stage, there are no signs of any causal link."

It's normal for older and more vulnerable people in an elderly care environment to die as a result of the deterioration of underlying disease or natural causes, but that doesn't mean the vaccine played a role, he said. A local new outlet reported that the woman also had a lung condition.

Despite Prime Minister Scott Morrison's prediction that four million Australians would be vaccinated by the end of March, about 855,000 people have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine as of April 5, the official records state.

The disparity, according to Morrison, is due to the fact that millions of doses have not been received by Australia. He said that over three million of the vaccines that were under contract to arrive in Australia have not been sent. They were relying on these vaccines when the target was set in early January.

Until the coronavirus vaccine rollout is completed, the Queensland premier has decided to close the Australian borders for travel.

Pfizer La entrada principal de Pfizer en New York City, Agosto 31, 2003. Reuters/Jeff Christensen JC