An Indian woman has alleged that her former boyfriend kidnapped her and forced her to marry him. She also said that following the wedding, she was raped for two months.

The victim from Uttar Pradesh approached the police on Saturday and filed a complaint against six people, including the main accused, reported The Times Of India.

Police said that after the complaint was filed, they started their investigation. The woman said that the 25-year-old from Sambhal was her college classmate. After they fell in love, their engagement date got fixed about five months ago. But the man's family expected the woman's family members to give them a car and Rs 5 lakh ($0.5 million) as dowry. The engagement was called off due to the demands.

As per the complaint, the man and his family abducted the girl away two months ago. At the time, she was heading towards a bank. She was taken to a temple where she was forced to marry the main accused. His family called her parents and told them that everything was alright, so her family did not file any complaint. However, he and his family began torturing her. They even assaulted her several times, the victim claimed.

"On Aug. 5, the man threw me near my village in a semi-conscious state," read the complaint.

The SHO of the area, Mohit Chaudhary shared that a case has been registered against six people -- the main accused, his parents and his brothers -- for kidnapping and raping the woman. Chaudhary promised that they will be arrested soon.

In a separate incident, a teen girl was allegedly abducted and raped at a hotel in India's Haryana, according to India Today. After the victim went to the police and complained against the accused, he was arrested.

According to police, the girl mentioned in her complaint that she had got a call from the accused, Tinku Dagar, at night. He reportedly asked her to meet him outside. When the girl said no, Dagar allegedly threatened to murder her and her parents. The girl said that due to the threat, she stepped out of the house without telling her family. Dagar then made her sit on his bike and took her to a hotel where he allegedly raped her.

The victim informed that later, the man dropped her off at a main cross in the city and fled. He again threatened to murder her. The girl soon called her parents and told them what happened. Later, her brother took her home. Afterwards, the girl and her parents filed a complaint at the police station.

A representational image of a woman.
A representational image of a woman. Free-photos/Pixabay