A woman was left with multiple injuries in Sutton-in-Ashfield, so bad that she had to eat food through a straw. The incident reportedly occurred on Aug. 28 and the assailant remains at large.

The woman was identified as Reanne Aughton, a mother of four who was attacked at around 11:30 p.m. on Aug. 28 her home.

According to Aughton, she saw a man taking videos of her home at the time. She was taking out the trash at that time when she observed the man seemingly capturing footage of her home.

To find out, she approached the man and asked if he was ok while taking videos of her house. It appeared to have incensed the man somehow.

The attacker came at her with a curled fist and punched the left side of her face, hitting her jaw and made disgusting racial remarks about her mixed Caribbean kids.

As she writhed in pain, the man kicked her in the ribs which led to her falling.

Still not content, the man continued to hand punishment by stomping on her hand. It was only when she screamed in pain did the man run off.

Reanne managed to make it inside her home despite the beating she took. She immediately locked up the place, fearing the man would return.

It was only after two days that Aughton went to the hospital to have her injuries treated.

“I couldn’t eat properly for a few days after the attack and I had to have soup through a straw,” she said. “This whole incident has frightened me and left me feeling scared that this person may return. It has definitely left me feeling very weary of my surroundings and other people.”

An investigation into the matter has been launched with Reanne describing her attacker. She described the man as bald and having a tattoo on his neck.

“This was a shocking and unprovoked attack on Reanne which left her badly injured and extremely shaken," Detective Sergeant Dave Prest of the Nottinghamshire Police said.

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