An Ohio woman reportedly bit her neighbor’s pit bull in a desperate attempt to save her dog after the pit bull allegedly attacked her pet pomeranian on Monday, March 28.

On Monday, 52-year-old Jennifer Love reportedly let her two dogs out in the backyard of her home in Newton Township before going to work. However, several minutes later, she discovered that her 12-year-old Eskimo Pomeranian mix named Kevin was being brutally mauled by her neighbor's pit bull. The huge dog reportedly broke loose from a tether it was tied to a couple of blocks away, Daily News reported.

“I was thinking ‘No, I’m not going to let this happen, you can’t kill my dog, not in front of me, I’m not going to let that happen,'” Love said.

In an attempt to save her helpless canine, Love ran over and tried to wedge herself between the two dogs. She then used her body to shield her small Pomeranian from the attack. However, when all her attempts to free her dog from the pit bull's grip failed, she thought about what she learned in a self-defense class and bit the dog in the ear as hard as she could, FOX 8 News reported.

“It was live or die at that point. I was losing, I was losing and the dog was dying,” she recounted.

A couple of her teeth were ripped out when she bit the dog’s ear. However, it created enough of a distraction for the pit bull that enabled a neighbor to pull the huge dog off of Love and her pet.

“I just picked my dog up and ran to the car and my other neighbor was outside. She had heard me screaming and she helped me get the dog to the vet,” she said.

Love then drove her injured dog Kevin to a veterinarian near Newton Township, about 30 miles east of Columbus. After helping her dog with her wounds, she also went to a hospital because she broke a tooth in the melee.

Following the attack, the pit bull’s owner, William Dempsey, was given a summons and was accused of failure to keep an animal properly restrained.

Dempsey is currently facing a charge of improperly restraining the dog. Following the incident, the pit bull was seized by animal control officers and is now being held for rabies observation.

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