A date ended in a tragedy as a 53-year-old woman died after being mauled by six pit bulls.

The woman, Marli Donega Tizura, was visiting her beau on a farm near Birigui in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo. Her boyfriend worked there as a general laborer and caretaker, according to Daily Star. Then they headed for a date at a pizzeria on July 21. While returning together, six pit bull terriers that were roaming free attacked Tizura. They repeatedly bit the mother of three kids. Even though emergency services were called, she died due to the injuries.

Her 59-year-old boyfriend, whose name hasn't been revealed, was also injured while trying to drive the dogs away from Tizura. As he couldn't control the situation, he took refuge inside a house to call for help. He was taken to a hospital. His condition is said to be stable. Other people who were working on the farm helped in bringing the dogs under control.

As for the dogs, they are reportedly under the care of their owner. It is not clear if the animals will be put down following the incident. Police are investigating the incident, and treating it as a "suspicious death."

Tizura was laid to rest soon after her death. Her family and friends paid tribute to her at the ceremony where her coffin was kept closed, reported The Sun.

Tizura's family described the horrific attack as a "massacre." Her uncle, Alcides Paschoal, claimed that she was massacred, and that she didn't deserve to die like this. He called the incident a "horrible tragedy." Paschoal said that she will be terribly missed. Praising her, he said that she took care of all the children in churches.

In a similar incident, police said that two pit bulls mauled a woman to death inside her family's west El Paso, Texas residence earlier this month, reported ABC 7. The identity of the woman, who was attacked by the dogs, was not immediately shared by the authorities.

While the investigation was on, police said that all indications were that the two dogs killed her. According to detectives, the animals didn't show any signs of neglect. They seemed to have been well cared for. It didn't appear that there was a shortage of food and water.

Pitbull Image by rebekkaneumann from Pixabay