A TikTok user found out that her boyfriend was using a dating app behind her back.

The 21-year-old woman said that her friend's tip made her step out of a "toxic relationship" that was "already holding on by a thread," reported Daily Star.

She shared a message on TikTok that she got from her friend who recently downloaded Tinder. The friend wrote that "this person popped up and I realized it was your boyfriend." The friend just wanted to inform her as "I know if roles were reversed I would want to know."

She explained how the app works to make her understand better. The friend said that she also saw that the account of the woman's boyfriend was verified, which means that "he verified his face through his facial recognition so that it tells people that you are a real person." He had posted some of his photographs that the friend said were recent.

The woman later took it up with her beau, who allegedly denied using the app. Still, she decided to part ways. She later wrote that she wished she had someone by her side, but she was alone and it sent her "into a big depression." She said that she had to dig herself out and now she is in therapy because of all that she had faced.

In a separate incident, a woman investigated if her boyfriend was cheating on her after finding things that didn't belong to her. The woman, Lois Saunders, spotted a tampon and a mascara under his wardrobe, according to Daily Star. But she quickly realized the items were not hers. She shared on TikTok that her boyfriend denied everything, so she decided to "investigate" herself.

She contacted Tampax, a sanitary product company, to find out when they had manufactured the tampon. An employee revealed that it was made on Dec 11, 2019, which was before she made it official with her boyfriend. According to Mirror, since being posted, the footage has been liked more than 430,000 times. It has also got almost 5,000 comments from people who couldn't decide if "this is genius or borderline psycho." One TikTok user was impressed with her research work, and said it was "amazing."

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