Police arrested a woman in Dublin, Ireland for allegedly having sex with a dog. Limited details of the incident have been made public due to the nature of the offense.

The judge presiding over the case has chosen to prevent the woman's identity from being shared by the media. He claims that the decision was taken to protect the 29-year-old woman’s children.

The repulsive incident reportedly took place at the woman’s home in Dublin in December 2019. Following the incident, the woman was arrested and charged under section 61 of the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act. The woman was eventually released on bail for the single charge for the “act of buggery” with the Rottweiler mix dog.

The woman is on social welfare. She has been granted free legal aid including junior and senior counsel.

The case was initially was brought in front of Judge Treasa Kelly. The woman’s defense lawyer Tony Collier had requested the judge to pass the media restriction order to prevent the woman from being named. Accepting the request, Kelly passed the order under Section 93 of the Children’s Act, The Journal reported. The judge pointed out that due to the involvement of children the restrictions had to be imposed.

On Friday, Sept. 10 the woman appeared in front of Dublin District Court. The hearing was the third time the case had been listed in court. It was the first time that the woman appeared in court for her hearing. A book of evidence was served in court. During the hearing, the woman was asked if she wanted to rely on an alibi. She was informed that she would have to give written details with a 14-day notice to the prosecution if she used an alibi. She accepted the terms in court.

Forwarding the case to the Central Criminal Court, Judge John Lindsay upheld the media restriction. The details of the incident remain limited due to the media restriction imposed, The Independent reported. With the book of evidence ready, the Director of Public Prosecutions has directed that the woman’s case be brought to trial at the next sitting of the Central Criminal Court.

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